Arrest Data

Our arrest data is timely and accurate

Where do you get the data?

Legal Grab acquires all arrest data directly from the arresting county. Going directly to the source ensures that Legal Grab's arrest data is accurate and timely. We do not acquire arrest data through a third party, all data collection is performed in house.

How accurate is the data?

The arrest data is as accurate as possible. We collect the data directly from the arresting county. To ensure that the address data is accurate we scrub all addresses to verify that they are deliverable. We do not provide records that contain addresses which are not deliverable.

How timely is the data?

The majority of our data is updated every 20 minutes with arrests for the current day. However, each individual arresting county is unique as far as when and how often they provide the data to us. Some counties provide arrests every 20 minutes and others only once a day.

The Arrest Data Process

We collect, verify and filter all arrest data before providing it to you.

Collect Arrest Data

We directly access the arresting county and internally store all arrest data.

Verify Information

We perform address scrubbing to ensure that the addresses are confirmed deliverable.

Enable Filtering

We flag records with specific charges and match ZIP-AGI values to enable filtering.

Provided To You

Once the data is collected, verified and filtered we provide it to you via the web app.